African design. International style.

Summerlane pieces are inspired by the hides and wood that form them. Comfort and luxury combine as form and function meet. Each item is crafted using only the highest quality finishes and ethically sourced, hand-picked hides, wood and materials. Our range is tailored to create rare, unique collectables.

Our Signature Wingback

One of the most striking wingback chairs in the world. Hand-made, each chair is a one of a kind statement piece. We only make a handful of the masterpieces a year from only the most unique, perfect quality Nguni hides.

Technology Cigar Tub

Technology Cigar Tub

World First, charge any mobile phone wirelessly while sitting in luxurious comfort

We are proud to announce the first of a line of exciting, form and modern day function inspired, products for the next generation CEO. Our `tech-tub` has all the usual Summerlane refinement – hand-crafted, best leathers and hides, Iroko legs, but we have added a technology component which takes the head-ache out of charging your phone while on the go. A must have in any reception and business lounge of repute.

Gentlemans Cigar Tub

Simple, elegant and functional. Perfect pieces of Africa for friends to enjoy their favourite single malt and a fresh Cuban cigar.

 Single Wood Frame Chairs


Beautifully crafted wooden frames in either Oak or Iroko with Merino sheep seats and touches. Also available with Fabric seat and touches.

Inspired by a true story. Shrek the sheep hated his coat being removed, so he devised a plan to avoid shearing forever. For years Shrek’s escape proved successful.

Dinka in Iroko

Classical wooden frames in either Oak or Iroko and finished with `hanging` Nguni seats shaped to provide comfort and support. Sold in pairs and sets of 4, 6 or 8.

Dinka are the legendary cattle keepers of Sudan

Dinka in Oak

Classical wooden frames in either Oak or Iroko and finished with `hanging` Nguni seats shaped to provide comfort and support. Sold in pairs and sets of 4, 6 or 8.

Dinka are the legendary cattle keepers of Sudan

Nguvu Chair

The name means Energy / Force / Power in Swahili. African hardwood frames with Nguni covering.

Mkuu Chair

The chiefs chairs. Elegant African hardwood frames with a variety of Nguni patterning.

Double Chairs and Loungers

Nephelae Cloud Suite

Summerlane Signature Design. Inspired by day-dreams in the clouds, this breathtaking design is timeless. The seat is finished in thick, luxurious Merino sheep skin. Comfortable and exuberant. Very limited quantities produced. Also available in Fabric.

Nephelae were the nymphs of clouds and rain. Nephelai fed the streams of their River-God brothers with rain and nourished the earth. They were depicted as beautiful, young women pouring water from pitchers.

Royal Kitanda

This timeless design derives its name from East Africa where one can sometimes see a herd of dreamy Nguni cattle lying in the shade just off a golden beach. Covered in Nguni, the seat is firm and comfortable.

Kitanda in Swahili means a piece of furniture to sleep on.

Grévy’s Chaise

A classic chaise design. Made from the very best leathers and styled with real zebra hide. No two years shapes will ever be the same. We only use hides of Zebra`s that would otherwise have been disposed of.

The Grévy’s zebra was first described by French naturalist Émile Oustalet in 1882. He named it after Jules Grévy, then president of France. Also known as the imperial zebra, it is the largest extant wild equid and the largest and most threatened

A portion of the proceeds for this chair is donated to the WWF.

Mawu & Lisa

An elegant double couch covered in unique Nguni hides. Bases and legs are made from Iroko. One of a kind masterpieces as no two Nguni hides will ever be alike. The seat is firm and supportive. Made to last a lifetime. Also available in Fabric.

This myth from Africa says that Mawu is a moon good who is forever linked in unity with the sun goddess Lisa. It is believed that lunar and solar eclipses are related to the lovemaking times of the celestial couple.

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